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    Just what I was looking for
    "Perfect for storing all our pets vital records in one place. We travel a lot with our dogs. Great to have this on hand!"
    - Jen583
    Finally a useful pet record app!!
    "This app is by far superior to the others out there. I was set up really fast and the ability to instantly email a copy of my vet records is so convenient. Look forward to more add ons as this app grows! Will definitely help spread the word..."
    - Bassetmom76
    Thought all the good ideas were gone
    "This early in the game you have to love this app for its potential, and trust the devs will bring it home. Count me in for the ride."
    - Peter Scholar



    Enter you + your pet's info for the last time


    We fetch the records while you play fetch


    See a digital copy of your records and share with service providers




    Q: Will this work as proof of record?

    Yes! We personally reach out to your veterinarian and do not allow unauthorized parties to upload information in order to ensure that the records are official. Groomers, daycares, boarding services all accept Pawprint. If your particular shop has not heard of us yet, please have them contact us using the information below and we will explain to them how our service works.

    Q: How do you get a copy of my records?

    Veterinarians keep your records in paper form and/or digital form. Once you create an account and make a request for your records, we will reach out to your vet on your behalf and retrieve the records by any means possible; including digital transfer, fax or verbal communication.

    Q: Who owns the records?

    The records belong to you and your pet. We do not sell personal information to third party sites and your information can be removed at anytime.

    Q: Is it really free?

    Yes really, retrieving and storing your vaccination records will always be free to you. We started up shop because our founder is a dog owner and experienced the kind of pain every owner experiences when they try to take their pet to the groomer or a new vet. We believe the records should be yours to access. In the future, we will roll out additional services to help you keep up with your pets health. If you have any suggestions, we’d love to hear from you.

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